Gorilla mask co.

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How we started

We strive to bring the world with ultra premium quality products. All while strongly living alongside the system "5% HERE 5% THERE" that we have created to be able to give a large helping hand in assisting Gorillas and Organizations our followers believe are deserving for the 5% THERE.

Why Gorilla Mask Co.?

Our products are built high quality and are aesthetically pleasing. We have partnered with a large textile distributor based in Los Angeles with over 20 years of experience to be able to bring our products to life. TexTrading are experts in premium quality fabrics with tons of resources at their disposable. With their help and our hard working team here at Gorilla Mask Co. we are able to provide our customers all around the world with amazing products all while ensuring we remember why we started and what we live by: "5% HERE 5% THERE"


I get compliments everyday at work when I wear Gorilla Mask Co.'s mask.

-Joseph S


The masks they offer are way better than any cheap disposable mask or any other fabric mask I have seen in the market, plus they have so many cool patterns!

-Alberto R


It makes me feel great, knowing that when im wearing a Gorilla Mask Co. Product, i did a part in giving back to our world.

-Tony F