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Based out of Los Angeles, California. Our two owners have decided to construct a unique system where we donate a portion of our sales, named "5% HERE 5% THERE" with the help of our highly qualified team, here at Gorilla Mask Co. The first 5% (5% HERE) will be going to organizations or charities who are involved with aid and conservation of struggling gorilla populations, all stemmed from the love and appreciation we have always had for these incredible creatures. The next 5% (5% THERE) will be allocated towards organizations , selected with the help of our Supporters. Each month a vote will held to decide where that portion of sales will go towards. All will have some type of association that gives back to the community in some way or those who assist in improving our world's environment.  -Gorilla Mask Co.

A way that YOU can quickly and easily assist us in giving back to the community is by purchasing any of our premium quality products on our page. We have held multiple events through our own means, where we have been able to donate to the community who are in need. Anyone is free to contact our sales team if they know of or have businesses who are in need of certain apparel and protective equipment. 

As many of you have already noticed, our love for gorillas here at Gorilla Mask Co. is unmatched. We made it our mission to bring a greater awareness to the conservation and assistance to gorillas. All types of gorillas are considered critically endangered, and there are only a brave few who are making a change towards their betterment. That is why we are donating 5% of our sales to charities who assist in conserving and researching gorillas so that they are given a chance to thrive and share this world with us. What is a world without gorillas anyway?

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 Although our love for gorillas are strong we do our best to contribute to charities and organizations that we believe make a great effort on a matter we firmly back ourselves. Some of our favorite organizations we assist are those who aid with  world pollution and the betterment of the environment overall. Due to unprecedented and unforeseen events in recent times, we have decided to be contributing to the COVID-19 Relief Fund for the time being until further notice